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Wide range of Solar PV System components, Engineering Equipment and Hardware, Vehicles.

Solar Energy Systems

GESH deals with top tier solar PV equipment and solution providers. We supply high quality products with transferable long term warranty by manufacturers.

Rooftop Solar

Supply of the main solar PV components without the accessories will mean incomplete with the crucial accessories associated with the systems. To this end, GESH deals with all the necessary accessories to make our solar PV systems complete. Our accessories include solar panel mounting systems: rooftop as well as ground mounted, cables (both DC and AC cables), breakers, control boxes, fuses, transfer switches (automatic and manual) and remote monitoring devices.


Solar Modules

We supply Class A solar modules from leading manufacturers including but not limited to Trina, Jinko, JA solar, etc directly from manufacturers to projects countries in the middle east, Africa and beyond.

Hand Tools
ESS/Inverters/Power Conversion Systems

GESH has established strong relationships with advanced power conversion systems and inverters manufacturers to supply wide range of power needs. Smaller PV solar systems use inverters coupled with battery energy storage systems using Lithium-ion batteries and medium and large PV systems are based on PCS (Power Conversion Systems) with Lithium-ion battery storage. We have a wide range of solutions from cabinet integrated systems for residential use to large containerized BESS solution for utility applications.

Utility Poles
Power Distribution

GESH also deals with medium and low voltage power distribution materials including utility poles, cables, transformers and hardware.

Hand Tools
Engineering Equipment and Hardware

Engineering equipment ranging from hand tools to power tools, and testing instrument has been where our business started. We have specialized in the field for several years, from consulting our customers as to which tool/equipment fits their purpose to supply and providing aftersales services for the same. We deal with top manufacturers from Europe and Asia supplying the entire middle east and Africa.


We supply different brand new and used vehicles; mainly export outside the middle east. We ensure our vehicles are fit for purpose before shipped. Our company works with renowned and established manufacturers including but not limited to Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mistubishi, ISUZU, Mazda, IVECO, Mercedes, etc ranging from cars to SUVs and heavy trucks. Our vehicles fall in the common use category, related to our main supplies and services.

Engineering Equipment and Hardware, and Vehicles

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